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To stop the unendurable pain We want to live!
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I want to stop the stable and unendurable pain of my loved wife, which goes on since 2011, with a neuro-rehabilitation treatment.


Dear People!
I am a worried husband, named Gabor Papp, and I want to stop the pain of my wife.
in 2011 a 90 cm long small intestine was removed by doctors, because a piece of wood stacked it, which was baked into a pastry. T he strong, unendurable pain at her rectum began 2 weeks after the operation, and since then she has to live with this  unendurable  pain. in the last 6,5 years she had 5 more operations, but the pain got worse after all treatment. She can just lye in the bed, by sitting or standing she can not bear the pain. I found in Sopron, Hungary a neuro-rehabilitation treatment for her, which could end her pain. And with this treatment they can handle her depression, which started with the pain together. She could leave all the medicines, which bother her stomack, which was also operated, and only the 1/4 part of it is still working. 
The 1 week treatment costs 1,100 USD.
Her pension is only 149 USD, my income is 84 USD. Unfortunately, from this money we can not pay for the treatment.
I can not go to work, because I nurse her at home. This possibility is our last hope to stop the pain.
Please, I ask you to help to stop the endless pain of my loved wife, with it she can dispose of her pain, which makes her life intolerable since 2011. We would like to live without pain!
Thank you for your help, your support in advance, with a grateful heart!
Our story, status, asks you can read:
We ask you respectfully and hopefully to help a married couple, who wants to live, without pain. Best wishes, Gabor Papp

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