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I am super excited to share all that I can about managing your life and business plans simply. Now is the time to step up your energy to become #happybn Everything is energy! Let's promote your causes online in a fun, joyful and prosperous way together.

Thank you for being here :) I am Emily Miller and I love helping others to Connect The Dots to create a prosperous and joyful lifestyle.  

I am on a mission to share what I have learnt in business and life to support others promote their causes.  Check out the Incentive Perks available (right).

I am calling this the Happiness Billionaire Mission.  


Anything is possible.  The impossible just takes longer!

I believe everyone has the right to be happy, healthy and wealthy.  

Let's join together and share the keys to happiness and abundance.

I am grateful to be part of the Real Stew - a global community that shares - because I see this as the way that financial independence can be achieved.

I have met so many amazing people with big ideas that promise to make a difference.  To improve the lives of many around the world.  I also know that sometimes these same people struggle to get their message out.  They get stuck and overwhelmed by technology.  Or they don't have the tools, the resources to communicate effectively.

I want to transform that by sharing my knowledge, skills and resources collected with you.  I want to build a thriving community where we inspire, support and hold each other accountable to reach our goals.  To achieve the impossible and to be happier in the moments.   

The money is for my livelihood, so I can do what I love, helping people like you to promote your causes.  Raising Global Consciousness.  

Plus you get a great deal because of the incentives I am sharing.  These are resources that I have already paid hundreds of dollars for that you get access to for your donation. I've even included some high level 1-2-1 opportunities for happy entrepreneurs.

Everyone is welcome to join  the Happiness Billionaire mission. 

I am known for my optimism and my big heart.  I genuinely care and will do all that I can within my power to be of service authentically.  

The Facebook Group community has been created for a very specific purpose to support people who want to create a prosperous and joyful lifestyle and to be:

(1) part of our thriving community of like minded individuals who want to rock it out and create promotion plans / campaigns that change the world.

(2) get the moral support you need from other group members and Emily Miller.

When you request to join the group:

1. Please ensure you have a profile picture on your FB Profile.

2. Any profile that has names that are against FB TOS will not be added. (We're into doing things right here).

3. The group is English speaking.

I need your help because ...

you are the ones with the ideas.  You are the ones with the big dreams and goals that will transform the world we live in.  My strength is in providing grounded energy.  In helping you get stuff done faster and simply.  I don't know what you know.  

I can and I will interview leaders to promote your causes.  This can then be leveraged using social media.

Finally, I do have a few clients that I provide project management to, which covers my bills.  My goal is to get out of debt.  

I see the Happiness Billionaire mission as a chance to create something new and empowering.  To be more playful, to have more fun and assuming this works to have as an ongoing cause.  I believe this is possible because I have seen the success of creating sustainable income on other crowdfunding platforms.  

I promise to deliver free training and regular content within the Happiness Billionaire community.

Emily's Fun Bio

Emily Miller lives in Lincoln, Maine USA. Back in 2010 she started providing done for you social media / virtual assistance in New Zealand (after escaping 8 years in the British Civil Service Education Department where she project managed Senior Direc tors on delivering Staff Training & Development). She now empowers heart centred entrepreneurs to upgrade their lifestyle by becoming beautifully organized in sharing their Pearls of Wisdom, more focused and in flow completing more projects.

She won a London, Sony, Sing Star competition fueled only on cocktails and chocolate while wearing a pink wig. Emily is awesome at being patient with clients online problems but is easily frustrated when applying eye liner. Something she wants to master now that she is back promoting World Oganic skincare and makeup products! Xxx

Client Testimonials

"I love how Emily goes above and beyond. She saw gaps where I couldn't see because I was juggling too much and she used her initiative to fix it without needing to be hand held."

Jody Jelas, Creator Of The BOOM! Formula & Online TV Pro

"The first piece of advice I was given by a mentor was to create a promotion plan around business development and then find my team.  

I asked who was the first team member I should find, He said someone to manage the project, who Is not you. Hence a project manager.

I asked for referrals from the community at Entreprenuer Institute, Catherine Newton suggested your name. So I messaged you.

It's a real weight off my shoulders to have someone with more organisational skills to direct the organised chaos in my mind.  

Breaking down of big tasks into small achievable sub tasks.

Providing a pathway to achieve milestones ...

as it all comes together, there is a sense of achievement"

Rory Callaghan, Founder Fillyourcup pty ltd.   Co-Founder Bfree

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Payments are not yet available for this campaign.

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I have worked with many 6 Figure Coaches, Authors and Speakers to get their projects launched successfully. I have implemented many campaigns using guidance and training from Jeff Walker, to Marie Forleo and other leaders in the online business world.
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