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Hi, my name is Douglas Good, in recent years i have become passionate about educating people on the benefits of plant based protein and why its sustainable and better for us and the planet long term, my aim is to produce it here in New Zealand

Hi My name is Douglas Good,

Last year while i was travelling through the United Kingdom, i met some amazing and inspirational people, who changed the way i saw the world in so many different aspects.

through education and reseach, i became a humanitairan especially in the area of farming animals and the affects that meat has on our dietary wellness and the environment of the planet,eating meat as a source of protein on the whole is not good at all for human consumption research will prove that its has become a leading cause of many unfortunate diseases in modern times like heart disease, diabetes, cancer to name the worst ones.

i personally dont eat farmed animal at all anymore or any meat at all, through education and research i found other sources of protein far better for me on the whole like plant based protein, my health has improved dramatically i used to have serious skin problems and since i changed what i eat i have no skin issues anymore i feel so much better than i have for many years.

plant based protein is taking the world by storm, it has become hugh in Europe and taking off in America.

farming animals is cruel and unecessary and is not good long term for the environment at all.

my aim is to bring this technology to new zealand and the south pacific, we have the right environment to be able to produce this type of food here in New Zealand and send it out into the world to be enjoyed by all who want to benefit from it.

i will be looking for people to help who understand what im talking about or who are interested in being part of the way of the future for a healthier you and food that is suustainable long term and will help lower the serious issues we have over pollution for the environment.

education and understanding is the key to protecting future generations and making sure the planet is in a healthy state to enjoy before it becomes a major problem.

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