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Coping with Deafness
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Hearing Dogs NZ, wants to raise funds for training Hearing Dogs. Their aim is to make them available for recipients that have sufficient hearing loss to require help for everyday tasks.

When you can't hear the door bell, the phone ringing, the smoke alarms squealing and all the other sounds that make up life at home, then this is where the fantastic hearing of an animal is vital.

Help recipients hear what is happening within her world through a little dog keeping them alert to all the important sounds. It will make life so much better.

The recipients do not have to pay anything for it but as it costs about $NZD 30,000 to get the dog fully trained, any funding raised will be used to refund as much of this cost back to them. It just seems the right thing to do.

The Hearing Dogs NZ mission is:

We exist to enhance the independence and well-being of deaf and severely hearing-impaired New Zealanders through the provision of specially-trained Hearing Dogs, to internationally recognised standards.


Hearing Dogs NZ is an independent charitable trust that assesses, selects, trains and places specially trained Hearing Dogs to internationally recognised standards with deaf and severely hearing impaired New Zealanders.

Hearing Dogs receive no government funding, and make no charge to the deaf person receiving the dog, but instead rely on individuals, groups and organisations to help train and place these wonderful portable ‘hearing aids’. There are many ways in which you can help, both financially and in person.

Please help recipients raise $NZD10,000 to make refunding Hearing Dogs part of the $NZD30,000 cost.

If you receive a post on your FaceBook page, please "Like" and "Share now public" and make a comment for all friends, contacts and followers to pass this on by sharing on their site also. We just need to spread the word.

The Hearing Dogs website will give you further information.

Although there is information on that website regarding donations to them, but if you do want to donate please use this site so we can track progress and donations to it. All donations will be passed on to Hearing Dogs as they come in.

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